Exercising for fat loss!

Updated: Apr 18

Hey all,

Today id like to talk about a Big topic that hits the social media world of

“Exercising for Fat Loss”

As some of you already know I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years and over this time the gym trend has gone from everyone coming into the gym and doing hours of cardio with little to no weights, to now more people doing more weights but less cardio.

Awesome to see more people doing weights, definitely. Weight training is so important to keep our bones strong and to give us that firm look.

But, we still do need to incorporate some aerobic exercise into our weekly training schedules. Aerobic exercise is very important to keep our hearts strong and to help offset any cardiovascular disease.

Question is “What is the best exercise to lose weight”......

The correct answer would be pretty much both, but with more of a focus on building muscle and adding in some low intensity and some high intensity training, most importantly it needs to be something you enjoy doing.

Here are a few facts of why we need to do both…

Building muscles will help to elevate our resting metabolism so our body will burn off more calories at rest as well as when it is active.

Building muscles isn’t as easy as you think so don’t worry if you think your going to bulk up because it doesn’t happen that easy. Women, trust me you won’t look like a man.

Building muscle takes time, men will gain muscle quicker than a women due to the hormone testosterone and yes, some women do naturally have a higher testosterone level than others due to their genetics or ladies who suffer with PCOS. Doesn’t mean you will pile on pounds of muscle overnight, it still takes time.

Muscle naturally wastes away with age like the good old saying goes “Use it or lose it” which is very truth.

Muscle is what gives us our firm thighs and pert bottom, firms up those bat wigs and keeps our overall bodies strong to be able to feel good doing all tasks in life. It is what makes us LOOK GOOD!

Then we come on to cardio…

Cardiovascular exercise is still important to as it will improve our overall fitness levels, keep our hearts strong and help offset getting any cardiovascular diseases plus it will help burn off those extra calories to help aid fat lose.. What intensity you ask?, This is a big factor and I will explain below,

Low intensity aerobic exercise … This should be your main focus as you can add it in anytime of the day, it can be done everyday as it isn’t that tasking on the body so you will recover from it fast and you will be able do a lot of it, for example going out for a long fast walk or even general house or garden work but just making sure you are keeping the intensity up. Working at a lower intensity your body will be using predominantly fat for energy.

High intensity aerobic exercise is a really good way to help burn off unwanted fat but it is very tasking on the body so max 3 times 20 minutes sessions a week due to the stress on the body and the need for the body to recover, 24 hours between sessions is idea and if your a big fan of weight lifting then you can use weights for your high intensity sessions but do remember it’s always best to choice an activity that suits you, be it sprints on the track or bike or high intensity power moves.

If you can take anything away from this I’d like you to remember you need to ENJOY what you are doing. Making sure you can be consistent with it and you get a professional to guide you. Unfortunately, exercise alone is NOT enough, your FOOD intake is the most importanttang thing you should be working on. No exercise will outweigh a bad diet and we really need to find a happy medium as I know a lot of people think the more they exercise the more then can eat, so then they end up over exercising and end up going around in circles because the weight doesn’t come off and their bodies end up being in a stressed state not just from the over exercising but from the feeling of not succeeding and achieving their weight loss goals.


Lift weights at least 3 times a week

Add some cardiovascular exercise in. Low intensity can be done any day 40-60 minutes but leave the high intensity to separate days from your weights, taking into consideration the rest period you need for your body to recover.

Sort your food out, getting a CALORIE DEFICIT is the key to fat loss. Following a food plan that works for you but ensuring your food is coming from unprocessed quality foods and please do include all macronutrients as carbs don’t make you fat and neither does fat make you fat. It’s how many calories we eat that’s the issue.

Now go have a fab day!

LC Fitness Coaching

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